Leaving the business model of work

Holla at you.

There are plenty of methods business owners might use when they think about independence and being able to make a proper decision about the kind of work that might be thrown at them on a nightly in out basis, however this isn’t always ideal.

There are so many god damn factors to consider, just like baby steps you need to make up your might properly.

Seriously though. An open office concept might not always be the best way to go about building your business. Wanna know why?

There is a lack of privacy – and employees might feel very uncomfortable. Can’t blame them, I mean, there’s only so much bull shit you can take from a potential boss out there in the future right now.

Seriously. I once checked out this awesome and very inspirational company, and they all have great things to say about their business model and why things work one way and don’t the other.

Would you rather a guy running around doing stupid stuff all day? I mean the IRS are eventually going to notice right?

Check out this amazing clip by John Oliver by the way – I think he raises some very interesting points.

Sweeping declarations of success!

You would want to try and imagine something which is totally new and special. Imagining a new and innovative approach to company could aid you in becoming a much better employee with better status. You could be known as a “genius” if practice this tip in your work with singularly personal focus thus raising your status – get things done the right way, like how Geelong Mover Service is doing it. 

As a good employee, do not ever be involved in some whining and complaining activities. Anything which involves vocal complaints and gossip may distract your creativity and then diminish your perceived value must always be avoided. Therefore, avoid joining these activities at all cost because you would eventually lose more than gain. Refrain yourself from participating in any unproductive practice which may damage your own reputation.

When doing your job, always think on what you want to say. Stating only the solutions that will solve problems, not some statements which will aggravate the situation. For an instance, never tell your boss that how the process of shipping goods take a long time and not proficient. You could actually go and have a discussion or a conversation with the shipping department on what could be done to solve the situation and what you could do to help.

Nonetheless, these tips could help you in being a better employee with better reputation. Do always remember that you can’t become a better employee without hard work.

Here’s a quick motivational video for you as well!

Engineering Cleaner Homes

It has never been a greater time to be an engineer and making money by helping other people solve their problems.

If you do things the right way you’ll be surprised at how much you can actually achieve. For instance, have you seen this amazing article on why God might exist after all? It’s some thought provoking stuff, eh?

I have no idea what to think after reading that. Anyway. Last week I got cleaners to come over to my incredibly disgustingly messy apart to give it a little spring clean. The results were pretty insane, to say the least.


There has to be a better way! Living in Dubai is such as pain, because of all the dust that is going around. It’s extremely hard to get things done the right way here, and trying to keep a clean and tidy apartment habitable for others is super hard.

For my next engineering experiment, I’m going to be installing a mini dust suction fan in every room, just to see if it actually makes a difference to the appearance of the entire place. I could be wrong, and the place could turn out to be worse than it actually ends up to be, but I reckon it’s worth a shot. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen right? Just pay more for home cleaning service.

Next note. 8tracks is actually brilliantly awesome. I’ve been listening to the pre put together mixes from their amazing streaming service for days now. It’s fantastic. I love everything about it. Let’s get things done the right way, shall we?

I think I might prefer using this over Spotify, as the radio streaming service is so much better than other streaming services… but I digress. Anyway.

Let’s get back on point. I’ll keep updating this site with my progress, even if absolutely nobody ends up reading it in the long run.


Welcome to the first blog post I’ve ever written. Best to keep things short and memorable.

I love engineering and creating brand new stuff. I like sharing documents I find are incredibly interesting and helping other people do the best they possibly can in their lives and businesses. Hopefully you’ll get a deal out of this and get yourself some success a lot faster than most people.

Now. I gotta go soon, but I hope the rest of you reading this have a happy 2015 ahead!